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Classifier Visits Millen Farms

November has been busy with classification rounds throughout the US and Canada! Millen Farms of Omemee, Ontario recently had a visit from the classifier and had plenty of new scores to report:

Millen Gold Chip Monica EX 91 4E 7yr
Millen Solomon Rutie EX 90 4yr
Millen Dragonheart Aretha EX 90 4yr
Durham Vinbert Jell-O-Shot EX 90 4yr
Kingsway Doorman A Berry VG 88 4yr
Mellwood Sirwood Ad VG 87 4yr

Millen Smurf Elga VG 88 5yr
Millen Uno Phyllis VG 88 5yr
Millen Airintake Ramona VG 88 3yr
Millen Sidekick Jacklyn VG 88 3yr
Millen Doorman Cher VG 87 3yr
Combview Dell Daze VG 87 3yr
Millen Aftershock Jacinta VG 86 3yr
Millen Sidekick Camila VG 86 3yr
Millen Impression Logan VG 86 2yr
Millen High Octane Aria VG 86 2yr
Millen Solomon Alanna VG 85 4yr
Millen Sidekick Myla VG 85 3yr
Millen Unix Alovera VG 85 3yr
Millen Unix Alaska VG 85 3yr
Millen Sidekick Nora VG 85 3yr
Millen Unix Davina VG 85 3yr
Millen Aleah Naughty Rockstar VG 85 3yr
Millen Sidekick Lollipop VG 85 2yr
Millen Denver Malibu VG 85 2yr
Millen Bardo Chewy VG 85 2yr
Millen Kingboy Ariel VG 85 2yr
Millen Sidekick Matika VG 85 2yr
Milvalea Sidekick Sawyer VG 85 2yr

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