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US Dairy Exports Near 1.5 Billion Pounds in 2021

Despite not taking bids for two weeks during December breaks, CWT member cooperatives secured 41 contracts in December adding 3.5 million pounds of American-type cheeses, 105,000 pounds of butter, 44,000 pounds of whole milk powder, 767,000 pounds of cream cheese and 300,000 pounds of anhydrous milkfat to CWT-assisted sales in 2021. These products will go customers in the Caribbean, Asia, Middle East-North Africa and South America, and will be shipped from December 2021 through June 2022.

CWT-assisted dairy product sales contracts for 2021 total 53.1 million pounds of American-type cheese, 16 million pounds of butter, 6.4 million pounds of anhydrous milkfat, 12.2 million pounds of cream cheese and 45.1 million pounds of whole milk powder. This brings the total milk equivalent for the year to 1.447 billion pounds on a milkfat basis.

Exporting dairy products is critical to the viability of dairy farmers and their cooperatives across the country. Whether or not a cooperative is actively engaged in exporting cheese, butter, anhydrous milkfat, cream cheese, or whole milk powder, moving products into world markets is essential. CWT provides a means to move domestic dairy products to overseas markets by helping to overcome U.S. dairy’s trade disadvantages.

The amounts of dairy products and related milk volumes reflect current contracts for delivery, not completed export volumes. CWT will pay export assistance to the bidders only when export and delivery of the product is verified by the submission of the required documentation.


Source: National Milk Producers Association

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