Join Holstein Canada on January 15th for the Unveiling of the 2021 Master Breeder Winners

Join Holstein Canada Tonight for the Unveiling of the 2021 Master Breeder Winners

Holstein Canada will be unveiling the 2021 Master Breeder Shield winners in a two-hour livestreamed event this evening, Saturday, January 15th at 8:00pm EST.

You are invited to attend this event by clicking this link.

The hosts of the event will be Brad Eggink, Manager, Classification & Field Services, and Audrey Morneau, a young Quebec dairy producer. Special guests will unveil the names of the recipients of the prestigious Master Breeder shield.

Thank you to our sponsors, who make this evening possible; Blondin Sires Inc., GEA, Quality Seeds, RBC Wealth, Semex, STgenetics and Vetoquinol.


A Press Release announcing the names of the 2021 recipients will be sent to you that evening. The winners’ contact information will be posted on our Website in the press release section shortly.

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