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Unveiling of the 2020 Canadian Master Breeders

Holstein Canada will be unveiling the 2020 Master Breeder Shield winners in a two-hour livestreamed event the evening of Saturday, January 23!

You can view the livestream HERE; you do not need to register: 

The livestream will come online at 7:30 P.M. EST, with the formal evening beginning at 8:00.

The hosts of the event will be Holstein Canada CEO Vincent Landry and Classification & Field Services Manager Brad Eggink. Each winner of the prestigious Master Breeder Shield will be revealed by special guests from around the world:

  • Pierre Lampron, Dairy Farmers of Canada President
  • Bonnie Cooper and David Knapp, formerly of Holstein Journal
  • Doug Savage, Holstein International
  • Claudio Aragon, Dairy Director of Semex Brasil
  • John Weaver, President of the Canadian Livestock Genetics Association
  • Gerald Schipper, President of Holstein Canada
  • John Vander Wielen, President of Jersey Canada
  • Ann Louise Carson, Former Holstein Canada CEO
  • Elyse Gendron, Chair, Data & Technology Committee
  • Angela Hamming, President of B.C. Holstein Branch
  • Audrey Morneau, People’s Choice for Social Media Star
  • Mike Flaman, Young Leader Advisory Committee member
  • Jessica Landry of Ferme Landrynoise, one of the top five herds in the country based on number of registrations
  • Andre Poulin of Greenbelt Farms, a dedicated genotyping services user
  • Yves Charpentier, 2019 Master Breeder Recipient
    Hannah Quilty, Holstein Canada Junior Member
  • Terri Ferguson, Bayferg Holsteins
  • Dany Trottier, Holstein Canada Classifier
  • Pier-Olivier Lehoux, Holstein Canada Cow of the Year Committee member
  • Karen Velthuis, Chair of the 2021 National Holstein Convention

The evening is made possible by sponsorship from Semex, Jefo, Blondin Sires, Quality Seeds, ST Genetics, Allflex, Sollio Groupe Coopératif, and Zoetis.

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