Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin celebrates cheese with their 'Love of Cheese Campaign'

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin celebrates cheese with their ‘Love of Cheese Campaign’

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is thinking beyond traditional symbols of romance for a more inclusive holiday that anyone can enjoy. From now until Valentine’s Day, DFW is celebrating a love for all things cheese! After all, in Wisconsin we don’t just love cheese – cheese is our love language! With 90% of the state’s milk made into cheese, there’s a lot to love!

Our state and national efforts are part of DFW’s continuing commitment to drive distribution and sales growth for Wisconsin Cheese and drives demand for our farmers’ milk. This campaign will drive online conversation and continue that conversation at retail and restaurants like Rocky Rococo’s and more. DFW shipped signage and point of sale materials to over 193 locations throughout Wisconsin like Piggly Wigglys, Sendik’s, Trig’s and Metcalf’s locations, as well as many cheese companies and independent cheese shops. 

Through DFW’s targeted media outreach, the promotion is already receiving major media buzz. With features already in Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Foodsided and more, DFW and Wisconsin Cheese are getting major media love! Our efforts are showing early signs of paying off in a big way with over 5,000 contest submissions and over 38,000 page views on WisconsinCheese.com since launching the promotion and contest January 13.

Now through January 31st, you can nominate and surprise a cheese-obsessed friend, sibling, significant other, or coworker to receive one of 500 limited-edition gift boxes from Wisconsin, The State of Cheese®, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Provided by Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

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