University of Minnesota clinches back-to-back National Title

University of Minnesota clinches back-to-back National Title

The University of Minnesota captured back-to-back top honors Monday, October 3 at World Dairy Expo® with first place overall team and second team in reasons in the National Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Contest presented by Lely.

The coaches of the winning team are Les Hansen, Scott Ellinghuysen and Alicia Thurk. Dane Thompson, a member of the University of Minnesota team, led the team, achieving second overall. Other team members include Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Ethan Dado, and Gabriella Sorg. UW-Madison followed capturing first place in team reasons and second place in overall team, with team member Sara Harn placing first overall and third in individual reasons. Other teams placing in the top five overall were Cornell University, third; Iowa State University, fourth; and Penn State University, fifth.

Teams and individuals receiving recognition are as follows:

Overall Top 10 Teams:

  • University of Minnesota, 2,510, coached by Dr. Les Hansen, Scott Ellinghuysen, Alicia Thurk
  • Team members: Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Ethan Dado, Dane Thompson, Gabriella Sorg
  • UW-Madison, 2,508, coached by Chad Wethal and Brian Kelroy
  • Team members: Elizabeth Endres, Sara Harn, Brad Warmka, Andy Sell
  • Cornell University, 2,504, coached by Kevin Ziemba
  • Team members: Andrew Chlus, Logan Martin, Cooper Galton, and Miquela Hanselman
  • Iowa State University, 2,490, coached by Christen Burgett
  • Team members: Karla Hagman, Jennifer Huhe, Maria Schmitt, Cassidy Buddenber
  • Penn State University,  2,478, coached by Dale Olver
  • Team members: Sabrina Clark, Laura Lesher, Austin Milligan, Cara Totter
  • UW-River Falls, 2,477, coached by Steven Kelm
  • Team members: Tim Abrahamson, Valerie Kramer, Trent Miller, Emily Pieper
  • Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, 2,456, coached by Rich Silacci and Stan Henderson
  • Team members: Amber LaSalle, Caitlin Lopes, Matt Ruby, Tony Lopes
  • Virginia Tech, 2,418, coached by Katharine Knowlton and Michael Barnes
  • Team members: Nicole Hardy, Zack Seeford, Cara Woloohojian, Carly Shaw
  • Oklahoma State University, 2,418, coached by David Jones
  • Team members: LeeAnne VanderLaan, Taylor Leach, Connie Jones, Gerrett Boer
  • Purdue University, 2,408, coached by Annie Achen
  • Team members: Rachel Stohlman, Kendra Arnholt, Mary Grace Erikson


Overall Top 10 Individuals:

  1. Sara Harn, 854, UW-Madison
  2. Dane Thompson, 851, University of Minnesota
  3. Andrew Chlus, 850, Cornell University
  4. Austin Milligan, 844, Penn State University
  5. Karla Hageman, 843, Iowa State University
  6. Valerie Kramer, 842, UW River Falls
  7. Sabrina Clark, 836, Penn State University
  8. Mariah Schmitt, 835, Iowa State University
  9. Copper Galton, 834, Cornell University
  10. Matt Ruby, 834, Cal. Poly.-San Luis Obispo University


Top 10 Team Reasons:

  • UW-Madison, 837, coached by Chad Wethal and Brian Kelroy
  • University of Minnesota, 830, coached by Dr. Les Hansen, Scott Ellinghuysen, Alicia Thurk
  • Penn State University, 816, coached by Dale Olver
  • Poly-San Luis Obispo, 805, coached by Rich Silacci
  • Cornell University, 801, coached by Kevin Ziemba
  • Iowa State University, 799, coached by Christen Burgett
  • UW River Falls, 794, coached by Steven Kelm
  • Virginia Tech, 794, coached by Katharine Knowlton
  • Kansas State University, 790, coached by Jarrod Blackburn
  • Oklahoma State University, 781, coached by David Jones


Top 10 Individual Reasons:

  1. Austin Milligan, 284, Penn State University
  2. Elizabeth Endres, 283, UW-Madison
  3. Sara Harn, 282, UW-Madison
  4. Crystal Siemers-Peterman, 281, University of Minnesota
  5. Sabrina Clark, 277, Penn State University
  6. Gabriella Sorg, 277, University of Minnesota
  7. Dane Thompson, 275, University of Minnesota
  8. Ethan Dado, 274, University of Minnesota
  9. Caitlin Lopes, 274, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
  10. Zack Seekford, 273, Virginia Tech


Additional contest funding is provided by Title Sponsor, Lely; Platinum Sponsor, DeKalb; and Gold Sponsor, Westway Feed Products.

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