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Goldwyn Daughters go EX-95 at Triple-T Holsteins

What a dynamic duo! These Goldwyn daughters out of EX-96-2E Dundee Paige are now both EX-95 at Triple-T Holsteins! Petunia is owned with Tim Cummings and Platinum is owned with Aaron Eaton & Brad Murphy! Congratulations to all involved!

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Past Updates
May 20, 2020: Triple-T Holsteins & Jerseys joins Cowsmo’s Breeder Tour!

Triple-T Holsteins & Jerseys located in North Lewisburg, Ohio is owned and ran by Nathan and Jenny Thomas. Along with their children, Colton, Kendall and Camryn they have worked hard developing some of the best in the industry since their establishment in 2006.

With over 90 All-American and All-Canadian nominations they are showing the important role genetics plays in creating exceptional and quality cattle.

In 2019 they graced the colored shavings at the World Dairy Expo with Meadow Green Abso Fanny-Red-ET EX-96. “Fanny,” has become a household name in the Red & White industry and at 9 years old she claimed her 2nd champion title at WDE and was named Reserve Grand of the Red and White show. In 2017, she was named Grand Champion. Her reign of champion titles doesn’t stop there however. At the 2019 Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON she was named Grand Champion for the third time. Fanny is owned by Triple-T, Frank and Diane Borba, Frank and Carol Borba, T&L Cattle Co., and Mike Berry.

In 2018, T-Triple-T Platinum-ET EX-94 2E was the Holstein USA Star of the Breed. The highest honor presented to a Registered Holstein® cow, Star of the Breed recognizes outstanding performance in the show ring and at home on the dairy.

 “I’ve judged a lot of shows, and I truly believe that really good cows are good every day, not just at the show,” Nathan says. “Platinum is a real easy-going cow – a cow with a good personality. She’s a very balanced dairy cow with a tremendous udder and great feet and legs.”

Featured in the Spring 2019 issue of The Pulse, Platinum is from a sought-after family. The Thomases estimate that 80 percent of their Holstein herd goes back to the T-Triple-T Dundee Paige family. Paige has always been dependable and produced strong, powerful milk cows that consistently do great things. The reach of Platinum’s outstanding genetics spans across the globe. She’s part of a conventional and IVF flush program. The Thomases exported a lot of Platinum’s embryos to Japan when she was a heifer and a two-year-old.

On May 30th Triple-T will be hosting their Best of Triple-T and Heath Jersey Sale and The Triple-T Holsteins Tag Sale. The catalog can be found on their sale page HERE. 


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