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Bragworthy classification results at Beslea Farms Ltd.

Beslea recently had an awesome classification round with classifier Jill Nelson. Their Holsteins are averaging at 85.0 and the Jerseys at 85.8. With some fantastic daughters already on the ground and more on the way, their current bull Avonlea CF Bushlea Venus scored VG-88. Not eligible for EX until October, he is a Viral x Mini Venus x Sparkler Vera.

Classification Highlights

Beslea Dempsey Banjo GP83 2yr
Beslea Unix Marinara GP83 2yr
Beslea Goldchip Venture GP83 2yr
Beslea Sid Evolution GP84 2yr
Beslea Doorman Demolition GP84 2yr
Beslea Doorman Hot Flash VG85 2yr
Beslea Control Vixen VG85 2yr
Beslea What The Fork VG85 3yr
Beslea Gibson Apocalypse VG85 3yr (Kingsway Allie Family)
Beslea Minister Neo VG85 4yr
Beslea Windbrook Trinity VG88 4yr
(Robrook Terrason Miracle family)
Beslea Gibson Omega EX 4yr (first time eligible)

Charlyn Tequila Split GP83 2yr
Beslea Exploding Timemachine GP83 2yr (Sire is Beslea Vivitar Explode)
Beslea Action Flick VG85 2yr (Floss Family)
Beslea Gunman Eve VG86 2yr (Evening family)
Beslea Resurrection Flipper VG88 4yr (Flicks maternal sister)
Beslea Excitation Gargoyle EX 4yr (First time eligible – Gargoyle is a maternal sister to Goblin & Ghost)
Beslea Extreme Action EX 4E (Evening family)

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August 1, 2019: Beslea Farms recently attended the 2019 Ontario Summer Show. Their show string featured some new additions this year, with great results! They have updated their Facebook page with photos from the show!

Rivendale VIP Piper 4th Jr calf. A daughter of Townside Virtuoso Penny. Owned with Carpsview and Kingsdale.

April 27, 2019: Beslea Farms recently had the classifier out and they had great results!

Holstein Classification highlights

Kawartha Envious Virtue VG88 3yr
Beslea Shamrock Paisley VG87 3yr
Beslea Dempsey Mulan VG86 3yr
Beslea Grace Under Fire (Windbrook) VG85 3yr
Beslea Paramount Shizzle VG 87 4yr
Beslea Fever Cinergy VG87 4yr
Beslea Feverd Excitement VG87 4yr
Pinecrest Jett Air Cruz VG85 4yr

Jerseys Classification Highlights
Brenbe Verbatim Glossy VG86 2yr
Beslea Venom Peanut Butter GP83 2yr
Beslea An Evening of Hope (Colton) VG87 3yr
Beslea Excitation Gargoyle VG87 3yr
Kingsdale Velocity Tia EX 90
Beslea Comerica Gremlin EX 90 2E
Beslea Minister Kobra EX 90 3E
Beslea Extreme Action EX 90 3E

March 7, 2019: Beslea Farms has updated their Facebook page with a video of their consignment for the Franchise Kind III sale on March 23, 2019 in Ohio.

January 3, 2019: Beslea Farms has updated their Facebook page with information for 4-H members looking to borrow or purchase calves for their 4-H project.

August 9, 2018: Congratulations to Beslea Farms Ltd. on a fantastic classification!

Its been a whirlwind few days but we squeaked in a classification this morning. Scored 16 animals with everything scoring 82 points or higher. We reached another milestone scoring our first homebred 92 point cow pictured! Highlights include:

Jersey (average 85.7)
Beslea An Evening of Hope ET VG85 2yr
Beslea An Evening of Magic ET VG86 2yr
Jaspar Rockford Eugenia VG 88 4yr
Beslea Velocity Pipsqueak EX 92 5yr
Beslea Farms Ltd.

Holstein (average 83.3)
Beslea Spur Comic GP84 2Yr
Beslea Spur Emoji VG85 2yr
Beslea Dempsey Tattle Tale VG 4yr

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