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Top Notch Classification Results for Silberhof Genetics in Austria

Avonlea Premier Agneta-ET EX-91 4yr on Classification day! ©Silberhof Genetics

Hermann Gruber of Silberhof Genetics in Austria has much to be excited about! After their most recent classification round, they averaged with VG 86.63, one of the top herd classification averages in Austria! A highlight included their show winning Jersey, Avonlea Premier Agneta-ET EX-91 4yr. She now completes 6 generations of EX!

Classification Score Highlights

  • 3EX 20VG 4GP
  • 3x EX91
  • 3x VG89
  • 3x VG88
  • 2x VG87
  • 6x VG86
  • 6x VG85
  • 3x GP84
  • 1x GP83

Excellent Cows

  • Silberhof Amazing Heathrow EX91 (Amazing x VG87 Lheros)
  • Silberhof Amazing Rochade EX91 (Amazing x VG89 Eleve)
  • Avonlea Premier Agneta-ET EX91 (Premier x EX91 Minister) *Jersey*
Voigtcrest Attitude EX-91, Dam of Avonlea Premier Agneta

VG-88 and higher

  • Silberhof County Aspirin VG89 (County x VG88 AltaExtreme)
  • Silberhof Apple Blamage VG89 (Apple-Red x VG88 Ducati)
  • Meyervilla Acme Sahara Rae-ET RC* VG89 (Acme x VG85 Braxton)
  • Silberhof Debutant Redoute RC* VG88 (Debutat xVG89 Eleve)
  • Silberhof Kingpin Romain VG88 (Kingpin x EX91 Amazing)
  • GJG Gyvel Zea VG88 (VJ Gyvel x DJ May) *Jersey*

VG-86 2-year-old

  • Silberhof Dice Mexalen RC* VG86 (Dice x VG85 Raptown)
  • Silberhof Army Blame-Red VG86 (Army x VG89 Apple-Red)
  • Silberhof Limit Romantica RC* VG86 (Limit-Red x VG86 Sid)
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