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Select Sires says goodbye to 7HO12165 Bacon-Hill MONTROSS-ET

Earlier this week, Select Sires said goodbye to genetic giant 7HO12165 Bacon-Hill MONTROSS-ET (EX-92-GM). MONTROSS consistently sired productive, profitable daughters and dairy herds gleaned the benefits of his elite genetic profile.

MONTROSS was a 7HO11314 MOGUL son from the famed Unique-Style Bolton Money (EX-93-2E-EX-MS-GMD-DOM) and bred by Bacon-Hill Holsteins LLC in Schuylerville, New York. He first topped Holstein Association USA’s TPI® listing in December 2016 and went on to hold a top-10 rank for more than four sire summaries.

“MONTROSS was one of those rare bulls to sire extreme production, medium size, great strength and tremendous high, wide rear udders,” said Rick VerBeek, Holstein sire analyst. “MONTROSS has sold over one million units throughout his career at Select Sires and we continue to hear ultra-positive remarks from producers around the world.”

Select Sires thanks the Peck family at Welcome-Stock Farm and their partners, Bacon-Hill Holsteins LLC, Tom Kugler and Jim Copper, for breeding MONTROSS and for the opportunity to work with him. It is the passion and expertise of these Holstein enthusiasts that enhance the genetic success of Select Sires and dairy herds worldwide.

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