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Tierney Farm Jerseys Classification Highlights

Tierney Farm Jerseys had the classifier stop by on Thursday and with 61 cows and a herd average of 88 they now have 28 Excellents and 33 Very Good point cows! Congratulations on a successful classification round!

Classification Highlights

Raised Excellent Cows

  • Tierneys Tequila Londa EX-93 (6th lactation)
  • Tierneys Tequila Livian EX-92 (3rd lact)
  • Tierneys Maestro Thumbelina EX-92 (5th lact)
  • Tierneys Tequila Leticia EX-91 (3rd lact)
  • Tierneys Verbatim Leuna EX-91 (3rd lact)
  • Tierneys Comerica Leilani EX-91 (3rd lact)

**Re-scored at EX94 in her 9th Lactation – Tierneys Jude Lucetta**

New Excellent

  • Tierneys C-Gar Aurora (6th lact)

1st Lactation

  • Tierneys Colton Limerick VG86
  • Tierneys Impression Lassie Mae VG86
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