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Eastriver Farms reports a great classification round

Eastriver Farms located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, had their turn with the classifier and ended the day on a high note with some great scores!

Classification Highlights


  • Eastriver H O Double Dare ( High Octane ) VG86
  • Birkentree Capital Gain Kate VG85
  • Kouwenberg Santana 2699 VG85
  • Kouwenberg Silver 2726 VG85
  • Royalwater Andre Squirtle VG85
  • Wendylawn CEO Melissa VG85
  • Wendylawn Andre Angie VG85
  • Whittier Farms GC Likeable (Goldchip) VG85

[email protected] , 5 @83, [email protected]

2nd Calvers

  • Eastriver Gold June 417 VG85
  • Duitman Franco Cassandra VG85
  • KayBen Mccutchen Devin VG85
  • Shadowave Frida Kahlo ( Kingpin) VG86

3rd Calvers

  • Mactalla Byway Stella – EX90

Multiple EX

  • Hilden Goldwyn Sharmane- EX92 2E

Other highlights 

  • Eastriver Goldust Faith – VG85 ( Dockroad Dairy)
  • Eastriver Goldwyn Liza 1043 VG85 ( Duitman Dairy)
  • Eastriver Destry Falcon – EX90 2E (Dockroad Dairy)
  • Eastriver Archrival Deb – VG85 (Leighside Farms)
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