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Tierney Farm Jerseys 100% Homebred Herd Averages 88.4

Tierney Farm Jerseys had a great classification day last week! Leading the way of their exciting results was Tierneys Maverick Lusela {6} who was raised to EX-94 in her 7th lactation! This hard working lady was Grand Champion of the Eastern States Junior Show is 2018! Lusela is sired by their herd bull, Connection x Renaissance Linda Lou EX95. Their 100% homebred herd averages 88.4 on 55 cows; 26 EX / 29 VG.

Classification Highlights

Tierneys Maverick Lusela {6} EX-94 ©Tierney Farm Jerseys

New Excellents

  • Tierneys Variety L’Amour (3rd lact)
  • Tierneys Getaway to Louisville (3rd lact)
  • Tierneys Roman Luna (2nd lact)

Other raised Excellents

  • Tierneys Giller Pixy ET EX-92 (6th lact)
  • Tierneys Comerica Leilani ET EX-92 (3rd lact)
  • Tierneys Gunman Anastasia EX-91 (4th lact)

High Scoring 2 Year Olds (VG85 +)

  • Tierneys Andreas Lorina VG-88
  • Tierneys Viral Lollipop VG-87
  • Tierneys VIP Lavish VG-86
  • Tierneys Lucas Topsy VG-86
  • Tierneys Andreas Lenora VG-85
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