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The UK Dairy Day: A Brand New National Dairy Trade Event Is Launched

The UK Dairy Day, an exciting new dairy farming trade event, will be launched next year on Wednesday 17th September 2014. The venue is the Telford International Centre in Shropshire, a dynamic exhibition location with over 10,000m2 of exhibition space, all of it under one roof.

The announcement of The UK Dairy Day will once again provide UK dairy farmers with an industry-specific national autumn event. The organiser of The UK Dairy Day is Holstein UK, whose Chairman, Cheshire dairy farmer John Edge, commented,” The UK Dairy Day will be a departure from the cattle shows we’ve organised in the past as the event will focus on all aspects of milk production, from milk buyers and feeding through hygiene and breeding to management and financial advice.”

Plans for The UK Dairy Day are still being developed but the initial reaction from the industry is very supportive. Managing Director of NWF David Warrington said, “We are excited at the introduction of The UK Dairy Day, which gives the dairy industry a focussed event at an important time of year when decisions are being made about winter feeding requirements. The location utilises a leading exhibition centre, with easy access to draw dairy farmers from some of the leading dairy producing counties. The UK Dairy Day will offer exhibitors an event to network specifically with dairy farmers to showcase their products, services and expertise”.

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