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The 114th AGM of the Ayrshire Breeders Association of Canada

Thursday, March 27th to Saturday, March 29th, 2014 in Cornwall, Ontario, marked the 2014 joint Ayrshire Breeders’ Association of Canada and Ayrshire Ontario Annual General Meetings. For the second time in Ayrshire Canada history, the meeting was held in conjunction with Ayrshire Ontario and once again, this format proved to work well, welcoming around 100 delegates from across the country to participate in the three days of activities.

On March 27th, Ayrshire Ontario held their Annual General Meeting. Also, in the evening guests enjoyed a banquet and the magical mystery of magician Phil & Henry Productions Inc. and a great silent auction with many donated items. Club awards were presented along with a special presentation to Dave Bergeron as he begins his retirement as Ayrshire Ontario Eastern Field Representative.

President Jean-Philippe Daunais welcomed members and invited guests to the Ayrshire Canada Annual General Meeting on Friday, March 28th. The 2013 year was examined as reports were presented and bylaw amendments discussed. A surplus of $22,014 was reported during the finance report with a slight decrease in registrations how- ever an increase in transfers and classifications and 51 new members.

Guest speaker Peter Brand, Manager of Business and Technology Solutions, presented Holstein Canada’s Multibreed Registration Service to the membership. Jean- Philippe Daunais (QC) will head the Board of Directors as President for 2014 supported by his Vice-President Hugues Denis (QC). Peter Rossiter (PEI), Robert Powell (ON), and the new Board member Duane Tolhurst (ON), will also sit on the Executive Committee. Board members Alex McCaig (ON), Bruno Soucy (QC), Jonathan Lemay (QC), and Oliver Balme (BC), remain as Directors for another year.

The All-Canadian winners were announced with Steam Valley Wilton Magic Bri (EX-94 2E) and Ayr-Ouelle Calimero Barbara 22 (EX-92 2E) winning All-Canadian and Reserve respectively in the Mature Cow class. Leading the Production Stars is Blackaddar Perfecta (EX) with her 11-3 lactation at 14,654kg. The highest BCA Herd average award went to Ken & Shirley Rose, Mountain, ON with 291 – 287 – 290.

Singer Nicole Faubert wowed the guests with her beautiful voice as she sang the night away during the Ayrshire Canada Gala on Friday evening. Then following the delicious meal, two new Master Breeders were honoured; Ferme Du Murier from St-Edouard, Qc, and Ferme Claudale from Issoudun, Qc. It was a special year awarding two Ayrshire Honorary Life Members – William D. Hampson and Elmer W. Stewart followed by the announcement of the 2013 Award of Merit recipient, Henri Hofer from Sunny Country Farm.

Cumming Dairy Enterprises Inc., owned by Bryce and Alex Cumming, and Misty Meadows, owned by Linda and Robert Lancaster, opened their doors on Saturday, March 29th, to welcome breeders alike before the sale. Fawcett Sales Barn in Winchester, Ontario, held the AGM GDS Spring Showcase Sale with an average of $2150 and top seller went to Ian Porteous at $3,200 for the purchase of Kildare Oblique Kate ET. Also, the front cover opportunity of the April/May/June Review went to Bruno Soucy and Joannie Bilodeau for $750, raising funds for Canadian Ayrshire Youth.

Ayrshire Canada would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success especially Ayrshire Ontario and the Ayrshire Princess Carrie Simpson and Jr. Ayrshire Princess Graceson Bergeron. A big thank you also goes out to the numerous and generous sponsors as well as the many Ayrshire enthusiasts who made the trip to Cornwall for this annual event. Then finally, a special thanks to the AGM T-Shirt sponsors for a record number of breeders this year, including enthusiastic support from the Maritime Ayrshire breeders.


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