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Sunrose Holsteins Tops off week with Great Classification

Fresh off Indiana State Holstein show where they captured Grand Champion, Reserve Intermediate Champion & Premier Exhibitor of the Holstein show along with Grand Champion or the Jersey show and both Championship titles in the Junior show rings (see full results and photos here)  Sunrose topped their week off with a great classification today!

Sunrose Jess EX-94 – 1st 5-year-old, Senior & Grand Champion Indiana State Show (backed by 6 VG or EX Dams)

Jess being tapped out for Grand at Indiana this week

Sunrose Delaney EX-93 – Nominated Junior All-American 5-Year-Old 2012 (backed by 5 VG Dams)

Deste Deuce Sasy EX-92 – 2nd 5-year-old Indiana State Show

Maple-Slope Goldwn Angie EX-91 93-MS – 1st senior 3-year-old & Reserve Intermediate Champion Indiana State Show (backed by 8 of 9 VG or EX Dams)

Savage-Leigh Jasper Leah EX-91 EX-MS – 3rd 4-year-old Indiana State Show (Dam Savage-Leigh Lavish EX-94 next dam Licorice EX-92 GMD DOM)

D-K-Silk Atwood Satin VG-88 – 2nd Senior 2-year-old Indiana State Show (Dam Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX-90 from the Splendors)

Milksource Damion Betty now VG-87 EX-MS 2yr (4 more generations VG or EX including Pierstein Leadoff Berthe Ex-91 2E 8*)

Herd totals now at 16 EX (5 new), 15 VG & 3 GP


Watch in the upcoming month for Sunrose’s new website designed by Cowsmo!

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