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Siemers Holsteins Honored with Holstein Association USA’s Elite Breeder Award

Industry-leading dairy genetics and innovation chart back generations for this year’s Elite Breeder award recipient. Holstein Association USA is delighted to recognize Siemers Holsteins with the 2024 Elite Breeder Award.

On their century farm near Newton, Wisconsin, members of the fifth and sixth generation continue to push boundaries and set new standards for their elite herd of Registered Holsteins®. Their passion for stewarding cattle and the land, coupled with astute business savvy, has contributed to their longstanding success story.

Today, the core team at Siemers Holsteins includes Dan and Janina Siemers and their son Jordan; Paul Siemers and his sons, Jake and Josh; and Tyler Schafer.

“Our team is very honored to be receiving Holstein USA’s top award! Certainly, when we were growing up, this was a dream, but one that seemed almost impossible. We had a nice herd and dairy farm, and through a ton of hard work and dedication by so many, we have been able to obtain some nice results,” Dan Siemers says. “We want to thank everyone that has played a part in our success, and we look forward to everything the future has in store.”

The herd achieves a Rolling Herd Average of nearly 34,000 pounds of milk; with 4.39% butterfat; and 3.13% protein. Siemers Holsteins recently transitioned into new, modern facilities, including a 110-cow rotary milking parlor.

The Siemers have used the tools and technologies available to them to advance the herd, including being early adopters of genomic testing, embryo transfer and in-vitro fertilization.

Throughout the years, Siemers Holsteins has bred or developed more than 1,400 Excellent cows, including 75 head achieving EX-94 points or higher. That also includes four homebred EX-95 point cows.

They have also raised 460 Gold Medal Dams and numerous more Dams of Merit. Siemers Holsteins has been recognized as a Holstein Association USA Herd of Excellence for the past eight years.

More than 300 Siemers-bred sires have entered A.I. in their career, expanding the reach and influence of the family’s leading Registered Holstein genetics.

The Siemers family has achieved success in the showring, too. They have bred or developed numerous black-and-white and red-and-white All-American nominations.

True to their tagline, “Genetics for Cow People,” the team at Siemers Holsteins keeps a market-driven mindset while using their years of experience, and immaculate record keeping, to develop Registered Holstein cows of the next generation — ones that benefit the entire dairy industry.

Incredible milk production. Outstanding fertility. Forward-leaning genomics. The team at Siemers Holsteins lives out how all three can work in unison — and build a brighter future for Registered Holsteins.

About the Award
The Elite Breeder award is bestowed annually upon a living Holstein Association USA member, family, partnership or corporation who has bred outstanding animals and made a notable contribution to the advancement of U.S. Registered Holsteins. Siemers Holsteins will be recognized during the 2024 National Holstein Convention on June 26 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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