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Pre-Sale Classification for Hodglynn Holsteins

The Best of Hodglynn Sale will be held Saturday, June 22nd and the farm just had a pre-sale visit from the Holstein Canada classifier! Check out these new scores on lots selling!

𝟏𝐬𝐭 π‹πšπœπ­πšπ­π’π¨π§:

β–ͺ️Hodglynn Speedup Stella VG-86 (Lot 85)
β–ͺ️Hodglynn Chief Honey VG-86 (Lot 62)
β–ͺ️Hodglynn Altitude Madison VG-86
β–ͺ️Hodglynn Sidekick Skylar VG=86 (Lot 77)
β–ͺ️Willowview Eugenia VG-86 (Lot 92)
β–ͺ️Martin-View Babe VG-86 (Lot 48)
β–ͺ️Hodglynn Alligator Harlow VG-85 (Lot 69)
β–ͺ️Errolea Chief Bali VG-85 (Lot 31)
β–ͺ️Clarkvalley Lambda Locket VG-85 (Lot 56)
β–ͺ️Knonaudale Mudbabe VG-85 (Lot 26)
β–ͺ️Buckland Brave Flowerchild VG-85 (Lot 86)

𝟐𝐧𝐝 π‹πšπœπ­πšπ­π’π¨π§:
β–ͺ️Double-G Lambda Gold VG-89 MAX (Lot 1)
β–ͺ️Double-G Firecracker Sam VG-88 (Lot 84)
β–ͺ️Engholm Doorman Sesamee VG-88 (Lot 101)
β–ͺ️Hodglynn Crushabull Dara VG-87 (Lot 94)
β–ͺ️Hodglynn Army Happy VG-87 (Lot 60)
β–ͺ️Kings-Ransom Unstopabull Cara VG-87 (Lot 70)
β–ͺ️Bulldog Awesome Marble VG-87 (Lot 20)

πŸ‘+ π‹πšπœπ­πšπ­π’π¨π§:
β–ͺ️Raivue Sidekick Pandora EX-94 2E (Dam of Lot 74)
β–ͺ️Kingsway Awesome Jackie EX-91 (Lot 28)
β–ͺ️Terrylea Doorman Burlesque EX-91 (Dam of Lot 80)
β–ͺ️Hodglynn Beemer Hannah EX (Lot 64)

See The Best of Hodglynn sale catalog here!

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