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Show worthy Classification results at Reyncrest Farm

“If only we could fit them all in the show barn!” With the outstanding results from Reyncrest Farm in Western New York, they definitely have their work cut out for them deciding what to bring to the next show! 

Classification Highlights

VG 2 Year Olds

  • Reyncrest Sol Lucille VG-89 (Solomon x Alexander Lavish EX-91)
  • Fly-Higher Jordy Rocket VG-89 (Jordy x Fly-Higher RB Rachel EX-92) owned by Whitney Kugler
  • Liddleholme Door Alley VG-88 (Doorman x Ms Apples Aileen EX-92)
  • Milksource Zest VG-87 (Avalanche x Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey EX-95)
  • Fly-Higher Jordy Rita VG-87 (Jordy x Rachel EX-92)
  • Reyncrest Chill Ruby VG-87 (Chill x Reyncrest WB Gold Ring)
  • Miss Dempsey Apanda VG-87 (Dempsey x Kingsway Doorman Andrea EX-91)
  • Campbell Run Solomon Abella VG-87 (Solomon x Campbell Run GChip Amelia VG-86)
  • Ms Doorman Indigo VG-87 (Doorman x Windcroft Goldchip Indigo)
  • Ms Solomon Alice VG-86 (Solomon x Snowman Akiliane EX)
  • Reyncrest Sol Loretta VG-86 (Solomon x Lavish EX-91)
  • Reyncrest Avalanche Larkin VG-85 (Avalanche x Lavish)
  • Reyncrest DR Gold Digga VG-85 (Doorman x Reyncrest Gold Chain VG-89)


  • Reyncrest Let’s Do This EX-94 2E
  • Reyncrest Corvette Lauralynn EX-93
  • Reyncrest Corvette Gracie EX-92 MAX
  • Ronbeth Solomon Luna EX-91 @ 3-02
  • Reyncrest DRMN Lilyana EX-90 @ 3-08
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