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87 point overall average at Covington Jerseys

With the recent classification round at Covington Jerseys, they had an exciting round that left them with an average of 87 points with 65 cows which includes 25 Excellents and 40 Very Good! 

Classification Highlights

  • Covington Major Bella EX-94
  • Covington/Steinridge Babybell 1-ET EX-93
  • Sunset Canyon Topeka Anthem 411-ET EX-93
  • Covington Valentino K Maid EX-92
  • Covington Ladd Galaxy EX-92
  • Covington Ruler Mara EX-92
  • Scenic View Meschach Buttercup 1-P-ET EX-92
  • Covington Dominican Queen Maid EX-91
  • Covington Zorro Jamie-P EX-91 (max.)
  • Covington Zorro Mikayla-P EX-90
  • Covington Michael Belle EX-90
  • Sultan Mistletoe of Milksource EX-90
  • Covington Catapult Greta EX-90
  • Ratliff Irwin Valentine EX-90
  • Covington Memphis Marley EX-90

First lactation highlights

  • Covington Shaggy Goldie-PP VG-87
  • Covington Memphis Mindy VG-85
  • Scenic View Olivers Maid-P-ET VG-85
  • Scenic View Listowel Maid VG-84
  • Covington Oliver Lady VG-84
  • Covington Case Lucy-P VG-84
  • Covington Tristram Barbie-P VG-84
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