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Show Equipment Replacement Drive for Team BC

Stockdale_Cowsmo22Kyle Stockdale of KyVision Sharpening & Clipper Repair is organizing a show equipment drive to help replace the show equipment that Team BC lost. Let’s do what the dairy industry does best and help out our fellow industry friends!

From KyVision Sharpening & Clipper Repair:

Words cannot describe the tragedy that struck and took the lives of two truckers and a great number of the WCC team’s show animals heading home after the competition early yesterday morning.

With that being said, I have a call to action for anyone that is able to help. Those competitors who lost their show heifers also lost ten full bags of fitting equipment on that truck. We cannot replace the animals lost but we can replace their show equipment.

Anyone with equipment that they are willing to sell or donate, please reach out to me. Blades, blowers, clippers, etc.. I would greatly appreciate anyone who is also willing to help!

Let’s unite as an industry!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this devastating loss!

To contact Kyle please call 705-872-2193 or reach him on his Facebook page KyVision Sharpening & Clipper Repair.

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