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National Mastitis Council Schedules Webinar Presented in Spanish

NMCJoin National Mastitis Council (NMC) for its next webinar – presented in Spanish – on Sept. 29, starting at 2 p.m. Central time (U.S./Canada). Alfonso Lago, an NMC board member and director of research and consulting solutions at DairyExperts, Inc., Tulare, Calif., will address “New Concepts and Opportunities in Mastitis Management” (“Nuevos Conceptos y Oportunidades en el Manejo de la Mastitis”). The one-hour webinar is free.

During this NMC webinar, participants will get a better understanding of how and why clinical mastitis in dairy cattle has significant ramifications. Issues include adverse effects on the health and welfare of cows, financial losses to dairy farmers, and public health concerns due to antibiotic use for treatment. Therefore, there is a need to implement effective management strategies that also allow for judicious use of antibiotics. Not all cases of clinical mastitis benefit from antibiotic therapy. Some cases may benefit from different treatment strategies to optimize cure (e.g., short-term versus long-term), whereas chronic or unresponsive cases may be better managed through other means (e.g., dry-off the quarter, segregate or cull the cow).

The goal of this webinar is to first provide information on how to develop a clinical mastitis management plan that pursues effective and justified treatment decisions. Second, offer monitors to evaluate the effectiveness of this plan. Third, describe a data management and evaluation system that allows the use of data – both in decision making at the cow level and in modifications of herd protocols. And fourth, point out opportunities for veterinarians/consultants to offer alternative services that increase farm profitability due to a reduction in the economic impact of mastitis.

To register for this free webinar, go here and follow the prompts. If you are an NMC member and cannot attend the live program, you may access the webinar after Oct. 17, at:

National Mastitis Council is a professional organization devoted to reducing mastitis and enhancing milk quality. NMC promotes research and provides information to the dairy industry on udder health, milking management, milk quality and milk safety. Founded in 1961, NMC has about 1,000 members in more than 40 countries throughout the world. 

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