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Semex Releases Breed-Leading PTAT Sire

Semex is pleased to release top PTAT sire, 0200HO10036 OH-River-SYC Byway, a Meridian from a VG-87 Atwood from the Barbies to its Genomax™ lineup!
Available May 15, Byway posts an amazing +4.45 PTAT with +4.15 UDC and +1.9 PL, giving him the title of #1 PTAT sire at Semex and the #4 PTAT active young genomic sire of the breed!

Sired by the popular Semex Genomax Plus™ sire, 0200HO02770 Sully Hart Meridian (Domain x Planet), Byway’s maternal line is one of the most popular anywhere. His dam is a VG-87 Atwood full sister to the EX-92, show-winning Sandy-Valley Atwood Blacky. Their dam is an EX-91 GMD 2* Shottle from the EX-92 GMD Dom 6* Regancrest-PR Barbie herself, followed by five more VG or EX dams.

“Byway is the product of generations of thoughtful breeding decisions,” says Semex Sire Analyst Brian Carscadden. “His VG Atwood dam is one of five high-scoring full sisters out of a 92 point Shottle daughter from Barbie herself. One of these full sisters was recently named 1st 4 Year Old at the Midwest Spring Show. Byway is sired by Meridian and is a tremendous individual that should transmit fancy, correct offspring. He will work well on many different bloodlines including Goldwyn daughters.”

Ask your Semex representative today about Byway or any of Semex’s leading genomic young sires in the Genomax lineup today! For additional information on Semex, Genetics for Life, Genomax or any of Semex’s products or services visit


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