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A Message from WJCB – Jersey Educational Travel Award


We are within a month of selecting the winners of the JETA competition to enable five young men or women – one from each of the five geographical areas of the WJCB – to travel to South Africa for the 20th International Conference of the WJCB. Each JETA winner will give a presentation on their experiences with Jerseys at the conference and will spend the week with the international delegates taking part in the activities in South Africa.

Would you like to travel with the Jersey cow?

Have you got a good story of your Jersey experiences to tell?

South Africa is a great country to visit … this is your opportunity!

If you are between 18 and 40 years of age … have a love of Jerseys … and are willing to share your experiences with fellow international Jersey breeders … then APPLY NOW for the WJCB’s JERSEY EDUCATIONAL TRAVEL AWARD … and a free trip to South Africa in September 2014.

Go to www.wjcbwildapricot.org and click on the WJCB JETA programme for full details.

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