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Semen available for Archrival, Dozer

MEHOOPANY, Pa.-Representatives from bull studs Taurus-ST and Trans  World Genetics (TWG) jointly announced today that they are releasing for sale semen from
two much anticipated elite young Holstein bulls.

Sexed and conventional semen are available from 198HO01000 Eclipse Atwood’s Archrival-IMP-ET, the top bull by type in the whole world, and 151HO00696 Mr         Shot  Dozer  1492-ET, the son of Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET-the number one GTPI Holstein cow in the world.

At 4.84 PTAT, Archrival is “the besttype sire in the world,”said David Kendall,
Taurus-ST’s Director   of Genetic Advancement. “He is the numberone PTAT so nof  Atwood and the number one PTAT bull in the Adeen Family. This  pedigree          combined with his 5.63 rear udder height and  5.18 width should make hima breeder’s number one  choice  to produce great type and show cows.”

Dozer  boasts  2583 GTPI; +1961 pounds of milk, SCS +2.43, NM$1,010; CM$ 1,067; PR +1.7; PTAP% 0.02 percent; PTAF% 0.00 percent; UDC +2.55; and FLC+2.09

“Dozeris the latestoffering ina successful series of   Delicious sons. His pedigree and  genomics makes him   ideal for breeders who are looking to  produce the next generation of elite females,” said Louis Prange, International Sales  Manager for TWG.

Archrival’s semen is currently available to domestic  customers only through
Taurus-ST(570-833-5123; 800-836-4123; [email protected]). Dozer’s semen is available domestically and internationally through Taurus-ST and TWG (920-921-6029;   800-525-2953;[email protected]  Taurus-ST and TWG  are both divisions of  Inguran LLC.

OCD Delicious
OCD Delicious
198HO01000 Eclipse Atwood's Archrival-IMP-ET
198HO01000 Eclipse Atwood’s Archrival-IMP-ET
151HO00696 MrShot
151HO00696 Mr Shot Dozer 1492-ET
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