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Rosenhill Farm Classifies in a Big Way!

Rosenhill Farm Inc., from St-Albert, ON kicked off their 2022 classification round with results that are worth boasting about!

Rosenhill France Thoreau EX 4YR ©Rosenhill

Classification Highlights
Rosenhill Applecrisp Snuggle VG (87DS)
Rosenhill Duke Spark GP83
Rosenhill Swingman Siri Red GP83 (87DS)
Rosenhill Rager Sunshine GP83
Rosenhill Rager Fabulous Red GP83

Rosenhill Brewmaster Bern VG87
Rosenhill Devour Camina Red ET VG
Rosenhill Bombero Sassy VG
Rosenhill Redpower Santana Red VG
Rosenhill Polo Loveable Red VG (9th gen. EX/VG)

Rosenhill Thoreau France EX (7th gen. EX/VG)
Rosenhill McCutchen Solange EX (9th gen. VG/EX)
Rosenhill Doorman Diamond VG88
Rosenhill Tirian Sindy VG87 (7th gen. EX/VG)

Rosenhill Incredibull Sam Red EX
Rosenhill Berlin Janina Red VG

Rosenhill Mogul Regina EX 2E (8th gen. EX/VG)

Rosenhill Absolute Sahara EX93 4E

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