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American Dairy Coalition applauds dairy checkoff collaboration with Mayo Clinic

The American Dairy Coalition applauds DMI’s recent announcement of a five-year collaboration with Mayo Clinic that could advance the benefits of dairy through research and consumer outreach efforts at all Mayo Clinic locations.

“We want to thank DMI CEO Barbara O’Brien for her leadership on this. We agree wholeheartedly with her that this IS a milestone moment for dairy farmers who make opportunities like this possible through their checkoff funds and the work they do every day on their dairy farms to produce high-quality, wholesome and nutritious milk and dairy products for consumers of all ages. We are glad to see the dairy checkoff expanding its scientific network with such a highly-regarded health source, and we are excited about some of the initiatives they have said they will be working on,” observes ADC CEO Laurie Fischer.

“This collaboration gives dairy farmers hope that the steadily growing body of evidence on healthy fats, immune-building nutrients and the unique nutritional package of real milk and dairy products – including whole milk and full-fat dairy — can be highlighted in consumer messaging going forward,” Fischer adds.

According to DMI’s recent news release, these initiatives will be led by teams comprised of National Dairy Council scientists and registered dieticians, Mayo Clinic physicians and health professionals as well as Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy experts focusing on areas that include: “Research to discover how dairy foods, particularly whole milk dairy, impacts cardiovascular health and metabolic conditions. Other potential research areas include dairy’s role on calm, sleep, digestive health and immunity.”

The collaboration announcement is also described by DMI as helping with the communication of evidence, research and insights across all Mayo Clinic locations.

For years, ADC has advocated for integrity in milk labeling and for whole milk to be allowed in feeding programs like WIC and school lunch – knowing the powerhouse nutrition real milk provides and the benefits of dairy’s storehouse of vitamins, minerals, complete high-quality protein and complex matrix of healthy fats that provide flavor so people can enjoy milk and dairy foods and be nourished at the same time.

“We hope this collaboration leads to consumers learning that not only is milk and dairy essential for calcium and strong bones but to also understand how unique dairy is in fulfilling their needs for many other nutrients of concern found lacking in diets in recent years — as well as the role of dairy fat in metabolic health and the value of high-quality nutrient-dense real dairy protein at a time when the very integrity of milk and dairy is under attack by alternative labels,” Fischer noted.

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The American Dairy Coalition (ADC) is a farmer-led national lobbying organization of progressive, modern dairy farmers. We focus on federal dairy policy. For more information, contact CEO Laurie Fischer at 314-391-8390.

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