Ronbeth Holsteins Outstanding Classification Round

Ronbeth Holsteins has Outstanding Classification Round

Ronbeth Holsteins out of Hastings, ON had a recent visit from the classifier which left them with some outstanding results!

Classification Highlights


  • Sid Nasella VG-85
  • Sid Sioux VG-85
  • Sid Saffron VG-86
  • Solomon Neenah VG-86

2nd Calf

  • Solomon Dasher VG-86
  • Solomon Sparkles VG-88

3rd Calf

  • Snow Deli VG-88
  • Aftershock Hailey EX-90
  • Windbrook Shiloah EX-90
  • Aftershock Nat EX-91

Multiple EX

  • Jett Air Nalie EX-90 2E
  • Windbrook Nava EX-91 2E
  • Sanchez Stacey EX-91 2E
  • Windbrook Teagan EX-90 2E
  • Windbrook Sage EX-94 2E
  • Shottle Nan EX-91 4E
  • Windbrook Elisha EX-94 4E
  • Crasdale Goldwyn Loveable EX-92 6E
  • Damion Sandra EX-93 7E
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