Family Hill Jade Firey Classifies EX-95 Royalty Ridge Jerseys

Family Hill Jade Firey Classifies EX-95 at Royalty Ridge Jerseys

The Jersey classifiers are making their way around the Pacific Northwest and made a stop at Royalty Ridge Jerseys in Tillamook, Oregon earlier this week. The Lancasters had a number of herd highlights to report!

3rd lactation and older:
Family Hill Jade Firey EX-95
FLM Tradition Flower EX-94 (max) – owned with Frigot, Mahovlic & Phillips
Royalty Ridge Incentive Gray EX-93 (max)
Royalty Ridge Excitation Marlie EX-93 (max) – owned with Mike Berry
FLM Verbatim Farley EX-91 – owned with Frigot & Mahovlic

2nd lactation:
Royalty Ridge Riversong Hazel EX-91 (max) – owned with Ahnie Seaholm
FLM Colton Feather EX-91 (max) – owned with Frigot & Mahovlic
Triple-T-Heath Getaway to Cancun EX-91 (max) – owned by Natalie and Mia Berry
Royalty Ridge MB Joel Fairlady EX-90 – owned with Mike Berry

1st lactation:
Flowers Valson Flowergirl VG-89 (max) – owned with Frigot, Mahovlic & Philips
Royalty Ridge RF Gentry Fabulous VG-88 – owned with Roger Fluegel
Royalty Ridge Beautiful Freedom VG-88
Royalty Ridge Fizz Champagne VG-87

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