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Rock-A-Berry Holstein classification highlights

Rock-A-Berry Holsteins had an awesome afternoon when classifier Carolin Turner stopped by to score the herd! 

Rockaberry Solomon Cinderella VG-85, daughter of their first home-bred Excellent, Dempsey Crown. ©Rock-A-Berry Holsteins

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation⁣

  • Rockaberry Solomon Cinderella VG-85
  • Parracres Thoreau Hazel VG-85
  • Kerrigan Sparkling Brooke VG-85 a Jersey owned by Eagle Rock Farm

2nd Lactation⁣

  • Beebrook Diamondback Buzz VG-87

3rd Lactation+

  • Polestar Windy Bell 2E
  • Trekili W A Latin Dempsey 4E
  • Christhill Seaver Bessier 4E
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