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5 new Excellents for Windy Ridge Holsteins

Windy Ridge Holsteins from Victoria, Australia had a a very successful day with 5 new EX and a new EX-91!

Classification Highlights

  • WR Doorman Charlotte EX-90 4th lactation
  • WR Stanley Abby EX-91 5th lactation, 2nd generation EX 
  • WR Windbrook Josephine EX-90 5th lactation
  • WR Artie Strawberrie Red EX-90 5th lactation, 3rd generation EX
  • WR Shottle Sallie EX-90 6 lactation
  • Gorbro Roumare Tiff -ET EX-90 8th lactation, she is about to be dried off and going into her 9th lactation and she collected her silver STP
  • WR Windbrook Tiffany VG-89 5th lactation 
  • WR Aftershock Satin ET VG-87 2nd lactation, both sisters now VG-87
  • WR Acme Vesta VG-88 3rd lactation 
  • WR Guthrie Sophie Lee VG-87 EX MS 3rd lactation 
  • WR Byway ROSEBIDE VG-87, 2nd lactation, 37 days fresh. Her dam was EX-91 
  • WR Banderas Tiffany GP-83 1st lactation
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