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RJF Premier Champagne is the newest EX-95!

After waiting 7 months for a visit from the classifier, it turned out to be worth the wait at RJ Farms, ON when RJF Premier Champagne was given the honorary score of EX-95! 

Classification Highlights
RJF Premier Champagne EX 95
RJF Gameday Surprise and RJF Premier Chance both were raised to EX 94 with a 94 pt MS
RJF Topeka Bloom went EX 92 in her 3rd lactation. All four of these cows scored EX 96 for Dairy Strength!

Other Classification highlights

1st Lactation Jerseys
RJF Viral Licorice VG 87
RJF Barnabas Raven VG 86
RJF Joel Glamour VG 86
RJF Premier Charm VG 86
RJF Ladd Vixen VG 85
RJF Barcelona Rampage VG 85
RJF Viral Ricochet VG 85
RJF Joel Remedy VG 85
RJF Premier Jellybean VG 85

2nd Lactation Jerseys
RJF Victorious Impulse VG 88
RJF Tequila Bender VG 88 (MS 90)
RJF Sharker Rainbow VG 88

3rd Lactation Jerseys
RJF Gameday Recharge EX 91 (MS 92)
RJF Firepower Legend EX 90 (MS 91)
RJF Tyler Inferno EX 90 (MS 92)
RJF Valentino Gypsy ET EX 90
RJF Iatola Gizmo EX 90

4th or more Lactation Jerseys adding points
RJF Ontime Mischief EX 91 2E
RJF Belle’s Rememberance ET EX 91 3E

Multiple E’s
RJF Premier Impression EX 90 2E
RJF Gator Jasmine EX 92 3E
RJF Belle’s Victory ET EX 91 4E
RJF Valentino Intrigue ET EX 91 4E
RJF Iatola Magic EX 94 4E
RJF Becky’s Sensation ET Sup EX 90 6E
RJF Iatola Blissfully ET Sup EX 90 4E

1st Lactation Holsteins
RJF Solomon Nacho GP 84
RJF Elude Lemonade GP 84 (MS 87)
RJF Control Sugar GP 83 (MS 85)

2nd Lactation Holsteins
RJF High Octane Sizzle VG 87 (MS 88)
RJF Chelios Attitude VG 87 (MS 88)
RJF Lumineer Magnum VG 87 (MS 89)
RJF Bradnick Martini VG 86

Multiple E’s Holsteins
RJF Lauthority Lulu 2E

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