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Registered Holstein® Breeders Recognized with Progressive Genetics Herd Award

Holstein Association USA is excited to honor herds with the 2017 Progressive Genetics Herd award. This award is given annually to the Registered Holstein® herds excelling in type, milk production and genetic merit in their herds.

holstein-usa-logoThe Progressive Genetics Herd (PGH) recognition was first given in 1991. The PGH award honors herds with high genetic value, based on average TPI® levels, which lead toward continued breed progress.

To qualify for the PGH award, herds must participate in the TriStarSM production records program at the Premier or Deluxe levels, and participate in the Holstein type classification program. Herds must have at least 20 cows of 87% RHA or higher.

All eligible herds are automatically evaluated annually and the PGH recognition is awarded to the 500 herds with the highest average TPI for females in the herd, both young and mature.

The TPI average range for the top 500 herds in 2017 was 1957 to 2450. The highest average TPI herd in this year’s PGH honoree group was David, Patrick & Frank Paul Bauer of Sandy-Valley Holsteins in Wisconsin, with an average TPI of 2450.

Thirty-one herds received the award for the first time this year: Alfalawn Farm, Wis.; Matthew P. Berning, Ill.; Big De Farms LP, Calif.; Andrew & Sarah Birch, Vt.; Mark Carviou, Wis.; Double W Dairy, Colo.; Double-Take Dairy LLC, Wis.; El-Vi Farms LLC, N.Y.; Ferncrest Farm, Pa.; Mrs. J. B. Fiscalini & Son, Calif.; Donald Fisher Farms, Inc., Ohio; GenoSource, Iowa; Kylie Konyn, Calif.; Lochmead Farms, Ore.; Jeremy D. Martin, Pa.; James Mast, Pa.; Bird City McCarty Family Farms LLC, Kan.; Rexford McCarty Family Farms LLC, Kan.; Scott City McCarty Family Farms LLC, Kan.; Jeffrey J Orr, Pa.; Osborne Family Farm LLC, N.Y.; Roaring Creek Farm, Pa.; Brent D. Robinson & Brent Moyer, Mich.; Patrick Slattery, Wis.; United Vision Dairy LLC, Wis.; University of Wisconsin, Wis.; VDS-Farms, LLC, Mich.; Russ Warmka, Wis.; Darrell Gene Wright, N.C.; W-R-L Daniels Farm LLC, Mich.; and Cleason N Zimmerman, Ohio.

Twenty-three herds have received PGH honors all 27 years the award has been given: Floyd & Lloyd Baumann & Fred Lang, Wis.; Bomaz, Inc., Wis.; R. Paul Buhr, Jr., Wis.; De Su Holsteins LLC, Iowa; End Road Farm, Mich.; Brian & Wendy Fust, Wis.; Steven G. Holte, Wis.; Jaloda Farms, Ohio; Randy W. Kortus, Wash.; Roger & David Latuch, Pa.; Lirr Farm, Wis.; Nordic-Haven Holsteins, Iowa; Gaylon, Gary & Steve Obert, Ill.; Mark P. Paul, Wis.; Regancrest Holsteins, LLC, Iowa; Darrell Richard, Ind.; Alfred & Mark Schmitt, Minn.; Scott Seward, Wis.; Stelling Farms, Inc., Minn.; Veazland Farms, Maine; Walhowdon Farm, Inc., N.H.; Wardin Bros., Mich.; and Welcome Stock Farm, LLC, N.Y.

View the complete list of 2017 Progressive Genetics Herd Award honorees HERE.

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