Red Oaks Farm Classification Highlights – Cowsmo

Red Oaks Farm Classification Highlights

Red Oaks Farm in Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI had the classified out earlier this week and they some really great results to report!

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation

  • R O Complex Eugenie VG-85
  • R O Conspire Bondar VG-85
  • R O Complex Riel VG-85
  • R O Rambo Georgie GP-83
  • R O Science Jade GP-83
  • R O Galapagos Wallin GP-83
  • R O Galapagos Catriona GP-83
  • R O Crew Iginla GP-83

2nd Lactation

  • R O Impression Watercolour VG-86
  • R O Flame Sapphire VG-86
  • R O Sherrif Woody VG-85
  • Radiant Uno Ember VG-85
  • R O Draftpick Hobey GP-83

3rd+ Lactation

  • Lexis Shamrock Gentry EX-90
  • Cobequid Goldchip Alaska EX-92 2E (housed for and owned by Radiant)
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