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Rainyridge Holsteins will disperse as a Master Breeder herd

It goes without saying that the one of the most influential cow families for the Boerchers was World renowned Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX 5E 9*. Hanson Broker Candice EX 4E 10* was another cow that played a big part in earning this shield. In the past when the Boerchers looked to add to the Rainyridge herd they always look for an animal with a strong pedigree and one that had strong type traits, udder and feet and legs.  The same goes for picking sires, enfaces is put in strong udders and good feet and legs.

Flushing became regular occurrence in about 1998. A number of cows would be flushed throughout the year. As many embryos were implanted as were possible and some were exported when possible.

Sires that worked well in the Rainyridge herd: Leader, Mars, Tony, and Red Marker

When asking the Boercher family what their future goals were, it became a difficult question to answer since the Rainyridge Dispersal was announced just 1 week before learning that they had earned the Master Breeder Shield.

Before achieving the Master Breeder Shield Ron considers his greatest accomplishment and proudest moment as a Dairy Farmer and Holstein Breeder was watching Tony Beauty win Grand Champion At Madison when she was 14 1/2 Years of Age!

Tony Beauty at Vancouver Island
Tony Beauty at Vancouver Island










Ron & Karen Boerchers
Ron & Karen Boerchers


Rainyridge Facts:
Total # of animals: 200 head total
Herd Classification: 16 EX, 58 VG, 35 GP
Herd Production: About 8,700KG
Acres – forage and grains grown: 520 Acres of hay and  950 Acres in grains
Type of feed fed: Big Square Silage & Big Squares Dry
People involved: Ron, Karen and son Charles. As well as 1 Part Time person for milking
Farm operation improvements/renovations over the years:  New Calf Barn in 2007


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