Outstanding Jersey Classification results Arethusa Farm Genetics

Outstanding Jersey Classification results for Arethusa Farm Genetics

Arethusa Farm Genetics had a recent visit with the classifier and finished the day off with some outstanding results!

Jersey Classification Highlights

  • Arethusa Vespera EX94 (Max Score)
  • Arethusa Impression Sunshine EX94 (Max Score)
  • Arethusa Tequila Valioso EX91 (Max Score)
  • Arethusa Premier Ventosa VG89 (Max Score)

New Excellents

  • Arethusa Impression Ventisquera EX92
  • Arethusa Premier Champagne EX90
  • Arethusa Vintage Tequila EX90

Very Good 2-Year-Olds

  • Arethusa Impression Vena VG88
  • Arethusa Ringmaster Elite VG88
  • Arethusa Premier Virgo VG87
  • Arethusa Premier Valia VG87
  • Arethusa Colton Vindaloo VG86
  • Arethusa Colton Reza VG85
  • Arethusa Fireman Pyralis VG85
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