Cutting Edge T Delilah: Ready for the Big Dance after Supreme Victory

Delilah…Perfect from every angle & now EX-95!

She reigned Supreme in September & October, was our Cover Girl in November and now scores EX-95 just a month before she’ll sell in the Brown Swiss breed’s most anticipated sale! Cutting Edge T Delilah … perfect from every angle! Read more below about Delilah from an article featured on our website from the Fall of 2018.

Delilah Shines on the Colored Shavings

Cutting Edge T Delilah EX-93 (94-MS) was the belle of the ball at this year’s World Dairy Expo Brown Swiss Show, winning the 5 yr Old class and then Senior and Grand Champion in both the open and junior shows for Kyle Barton, NY. Delilah would go on to win Supreme Champion of both divisions, only the second time in the 52-year history of WDE that a Junior member has won both titles. Additionally, this is the first time that a Brown Swiss cow has ever been Supreme Champion of the Junior Show, and only the fifth time since 1970 that there has been a Swiss Supreme in the Open division.

“This is pretty remarkable,” smirked Kyle Barton, owner of Delilah. “I’m speechless.”

Additional accolades to date include:
– Supreme Champion, All American Dairy Show 2018
– Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show – WDE 2017
– Reserve All-American 4 Year Old 2017
– Senior & Grand Champion Open & Junior Shows – Big E 2017
– All-American Senior 3 Year Old 2016
– Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion – WDE 2016
– Intermediate & Grand Champion – Eastern National 2016
– Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion – Southeast National 2016
– All-American Senior 2 Year Old 2015
– Nominated All-American Winter Yearling 2014
– Nominated All-American Winter Calf 2013

After Delilah’s Supreme win at the All American Dairy Show in September, Cowsmo had a chance to chat with Peter Vail, part owner of Delilah, to talk about her success so far.

What makes Delilah so special?
She absolutely loves what she’s doing out there! She’s so relaxed, it almost looks like she’s half asleep. You’ll notice that most of the time she has one ear forward and the other one back, she’s that relaxed. She’s a very sociable cow. At Harrisburg she’d watch the cows go by her all day to and from the wash rack, and when she got tired of that she’d reach over the head rail and push the cart with the milk buckets back and forth with her nose. It’s a lot easier to get along with a cow who enjoys show life than one who doesn’t.

What has been the best thing about watching her develop?
Delilah looks the best she’s looked since she was a 2 Year Old, her udder is fantastic and she’s homebred! That makes it even more exciting!

Kyle Barton (part owner) has led Delilah for a long time, what has her impact been on him?
Kyle has almost always led her, ever since she was a calf. They fit together like a hand fits a glove and it’s so neat to watch. They just go together perfectly and have a special bond.

Have you seen a Brown Swiss win Supreme at the All-American before?
Nope! It was fun to watch and be a part of!

Delilah has been the runner up at WDE a couple times, could this be her year?
Yep I sure hope so! Like I said, she’s looked as good as she ever has so she’ll certainly be knocking at the door!

Kyle Barton also had this to say to Cowsmo regarding Delilah, “It’s such a privilege and honor to be a part of such an amazing cow! Thank you to Peter and my grandpa Ken for allowing me to continue to lead Delilah and giving me these amazing opportunities to care for show cattle.”

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