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Oscroft Farms Herd Classification Summary

A recent visit from the classifier at Oscroft Farms in Ontario produced some outstanding results! The herd classification average at Oscroft was 13 ME 6 EX 36 VG 14 GP!

Light My Fire Reality VG-86 2yr; Milking Yearling fresh a month! ©Oscroft Farms

Classification Highlights

Oscroft Light My Fire Reality VG 86
Oscroft Unix Jamila VG 85
Oscroft Lennon Cocobella VG 85
Oscroft Wickham Shan VG 85
Oscroft Callen Jaidee GP 84
Oscroft Light My Fire Jade GP 83
Oscroft Jacoby Chamila GP 83

Oscroft Solomon Jaymelynn VG 88
Oscroft High Octane Revival VG 88
Oscroft Diamondback Danielle VG 86
Oscroft Diamondback Cognac VG 86
Oscroft Doorman Dani VG 85

3rd Lactation
Oscroft Showcase Sharna EX
Oscroft Blake Shelton EX

4th Lactation
Oscroft Braxton Marin EX 93 2E

5th Lactation
Oscroft Bradnick Starlet EX
Oscroft Dempsey Andie EX 2E
Oscroft Uno Jana VG 88

6th & 7th Lactation
Oscroft Dempsey Renelle EX 4E
Oscroft Fever Stellar EX 91 5E

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