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Feizor Shottle I Joy – Reaching a Milestone

Feizor Gold Chip S Joy (EX-92 2E) is Joy’s highest classified daughter to date.

Longevity and extreme milk production are nothing new for Feizor Holsteins of Lancaster, UK. Featured in the spring issue of the Holstein UK Journal were four herd mates that had an average lifetime production of 310,000 lbs. (140,000 kg) milk:

Feizor Shottle l Melody 7 (EX-94 6E) 8 calves
Feizor Shottle Delia (EX-96 10E) 12 calves
Feizor Shottle G Neoma (EX-93 6E) 9 calves
Feizor Shottle I Joy (EX-97 7E) 9 calves

Joy had just joined the EX-97 club in March, making her one of the UK’s highest scored Holsteins. Only 9 other Holsteins since 1993 have been classified EX-97 in the UK. And at this time, she is believed to be the only EX-97 Shottle in the world! Joy hails from the Sky-Hi Mars Helen-ET*RC (EX-92 4E) cow family that has over 800 Very Good daughters around the world. Joy is an 11th generation VG or EX as well.

At 11-years-old and on her 9th lactation, Joy is as easy of a cow to work with as they come. “She is a trouble-free cow that runs with rest of herd,” remarked David Booth of Feizor Holsteins. “She’s always in the first row of the parlor, really easy to milk and has the right temperament.”

Feizor Shottle I Joy classified EX-97 in her 9th lactation. Photo ©Richard Hodgson Photography

Joy’s best lactation to date is 13,927 kg4.28 597F 3.18 443P in 305 days at 6-05. In July, she reached 122,000 kg lifetime and is still going strong.

“She’s not a top show cow I know, and nobody loves a great show cow more than I do,” commented David, “but if you milk your own cows twice a day, give me a cow like her every day of the week. At 11-years-old, she’s probably the best foot and leg cow in the herd. She stands so square with fantastic locomotion, and a long with a great rump structure, that’s probably contributed to her longevity. Her udder texture, ligament, teat size and quality is unreal for her age. She never loses condition and that’s probably why she calves every year!”

Joy, while she has never been flushed, still has six daughters, sired by Sid, Gold Chip, Golddust, Atwood, Impression and Rubicon. Her highest classified daughter to date is Feizor Gold Chip S Joy (EX-922E). She is in her fourth lactation and has a best record at nearly 15,000 kg. She has daughters by Lineman and Sidekick that David is excited about.

Congratulations to Feizor Holsteins on this outstanding accomplishment!



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