One of Canada's Top Ayrshire Herds Classifies with Huge Results

One of Canada’s Top Ayrshire Herds Classifies with Huge Results

Entreprises Marbrae Inc., has kicked 2022 off with a bang with their latest classification round!

“One of the days that makes all of the hard work and long hours spent year round well worth it! These results leave us more excited for not only the future of Marbrae Ayrshires but the breed as a whole. Where deep pedigrees, high functional conformation and strong producing cattle meet all together!”

“As much as we love showing off the girls who make up our herd today, we love getting to look back at how these animals began their careers, and the development and progress they each have made from one lactation to the next. It makes it even more exciting when you also get to classify a Very Good 2 year old daughter from both of your new Excellents on the same day!” – Marbrae Ayrshires

Marbrae Durango’s Madison VG86 87MS
Dam: Marbrae Jumper’s Macchiato EX90 *NEW*
46kg milk at 18 days fresh
2nd Dam: Marbrae Facykie’s Mackenna EX90-2E 2*
52,000kg lifetime

Classification Highlights
1st Lactation 
Marbrae Durango’s Madison VG86 87MS
Marbrae Clicker’s Milehigh VG85 86MS
Marbrae Sittler’s Candy -ET VG85
Marbrae Tuxedo’s Honeybun VG85
Marbrae Rebellion’s Rhinestone VG85
Marbrae Athenos Celebrity GP83
Marbrae Athenos Aveeno GP83
Marbrae Bigstar’s Palmer GP82
Marbrae Bigtime’s Porcelain GP82
Marbrae Rebellion’s Cherish GP82

2nd Lactation
Marbrae Amazing’s Payton VG88 90MS
Marbrae Bigstar’s Proxy -ET VG87
Marbrae Amazing’s Becky VG87
Marbrae Bigstar’s Elsa VG87 89MS
Marbrae Bigstar’s Montego VG86 89MS
Marbrae Bigstar’s Ping -ET VG85
Marbrae Bigtime’s Cabella VG85

3+ Lactation 
Marbrae Arbiter’s Catalina EX90 92MS Currently on flush program
Marbrae Jumper’s Macchiato EX90 (24 Days Fresh)
Marbrae Oblique’s Rosetta -ET EX93-5E 94MS
Marbrae Poker’s Kryptonite EX92-5E
Marbrae Rockstar’s Royal -ET VG88 90MS
Marbare Rev’er Up -ET VG85

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