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Obscur: Observer son that has “Splendor” as its 4th Dam

Sometimes there are sires that seem obscure when you first look at them.  Then as you analyze them more you discover that there is nothing obscure about them after all.  Such is the case with Jolibois TAG OBSCUR.  The first thing that stands out is OBSCUR’s exceptional sire stack.  Observer x Shottle x Goldwyn x Durham reads like a who’s who of the most influential sires over the past 10 years.  Observer is proving that high genomic sires from great female bloodlines can make great proven sires and certainly sets a strong precedent for his son OBSCUR.  If that is not enough, OBSCUR’s 4th dam is none other than GLEN DRUMMOND SPLENDOR VG-86-2YR 37*.  In fact OBSCUR’s maternal line boasts an outstanding 77 stars in 6 generations.  Look for OBSCUR to breed an outstanding combination of balance, high components, low somatic cell scores from shallow udders and great feet and legs.  His top-of-the-breed genomic scores for production, longevity, health and fertility prove OBSCUR is the complete sire that you don’t want to miss.  This time OBSCUR is the obvious choice.

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