Northern Alberta Holstein Club hosting Classification night

Northern Alberta Holstein Club hosting their Classification night

The Northern Alberta Holstein Club will be hosting their Classification night on Friday, March 3rd, 2017. It will take place at Tim & Deb Hofstra’s Farm(Hofstra Farms/Detimdale)

Directions to farm:

Located from Leduc
15km East on Highway 623/Rolleyview Road
South on RR 233 for 6.5km
Farm will be located on West side.

Result from the Northern On Farm Competition

Greenbelt Homestead 1356

Reserve Champion
Corlane Steady Jelly

Class 1

  1. Corlane Instinct Gold
  2. Corlane Stanley Cup
  3. Deerhaven Classic Fever
  4. Westliberty Mascalese Mallory
  5. Detimdale Charlie Brown Signal

Class 2

  1. Westliberty Dempsey Magna
  2. Corlane Windbrook Lolita
  3. Deerhaven Kool Budget
  4. Greenbelt 2162
  5. Detimdale Cheerio Sanchez

Class 3

  1. Corlane Steady Jelly
  2. Detimdale Diavik Sid
  3. Greenbelt Jeeves 1861
  4. Westliberty Redliner Cecilia
  5. Westliberty Dark Orbit

Class 4

  1. Greenhaven Homestead 1356
  2. Corlane Merchant Gram
  3. Deerhaven Velour Milan
  4. Greenbelt Matson 762
  5. Detimdale Charmaine Boris
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