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New Scores for the Claquato Jersey Herd

The Young family at Claquato Farms in Chehalis, WA returned home from the Western National Jersey Show and classified the Jersey herd the next day. The tight schedule didn’t hurt the final results!

33 Head Scored

1 MAX @ 93
5 Raised EX
2 New EX
6 VG 3- &4-Year-Olds
All 20 2-Year-Olds Olds scored VG
-Claquato-LB Victorious Nora EX-93 (max) Owned by Bailie Shultz
-Claquato Fancy Casino EX-93
-Claquato Fizz Kelsea EX-92
-Claquato Joyride Carnival EX-91
-Claquato C Flirts Festive (Colton) EX-91
-Claquato Casino Flirts Fake ID EX-90
-Claquato Joel Fiji EX-90
-Claquato Fizz Favorite Finger VG-89
-Claquato Chrome Anthem VG-88
-Claquato Northern Edge Casino VG-88
-Claquato Fireman Kamryn VG -88
-Claquato Casino Finger Puppet VG-88 2Y
-Claquato Casino Fallon VG-88 2Y
-Borderview Andreas Cassi VG-88 2Y
-Claquato Chrome Flyin High VG-87 (Watch for her fancy June baby by CHOCOCHIP in the Louisville Sale this Fall)
-Claquato Chrome False Alarm VG-87
-Claquato Matt Carnivals Cancelled VG-87 2Y
-Claquato Casino Fawn VG-86 2Y
-Claquato J AFT Anthem (Joel) VG-86 2Y
-Claquato Joel Kookie Dough VG-86 2Y
-Claquato Joyride Full House VG-86 Milking Yearling
-Claquato Victorious Avocado VG-86 Milking Yearling
-Claquato Chrome Flare VG-85 2Y
-Claquato Feel the Love (Andreas) VG-85 2Y
-Claquato Joel Nightshift VG-85 2Y
-Claquato Tequila Playin Footsie VG-85 2Y
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