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New Scores at Sunny Acres Farm

Sunny Acres Farm in Georgetown, NY scored their Ayrshire herd yesterday and have a fantastic classification report to share! The herd now numbers 28 EX, 16 VG & 4 GP for a herd average VG-89!

1st lactation cows:
Sunny-Acres Lloyd’s Eloise VG-87 (Lloyd X EX Lochinvar)

Sunny-Acres Redemption Sublime VG-86 (Redemption X EX Perfecter)
Sunny-Acres Dreamer’s Kordelia VG-86 (Dreamer X EX Burdette)
Sunny-Acres KS Jypsy 2 VG-86 (Kingsire X EX Burdette)
Sunny-Acres Pentagone Giovanna VG-86 (Pentagone X EX Viking)
LCF Viking C’est La Vie VG-85 (Viking X VG Brazil)
Sunny- Acres RDM Hamilton VG-85 (Redemption X VG Riggins)
Sunny-Acres Reagan’s Lady May VG-85 (Reagan X EX Burdette)
Sunny-Acres DD Platinum Prodigy VG-85 (Platinum X EX Poker)
Sunny-Acres DD Platinum Protege VG-85 (Platinum X EX Poker)
Sunny-Acres Melios Keepsake VG-85 (Melios X EX Reality)

Chaluka Predator Paige GP-84 (Predator X VG Decaf)

Sunny-Acres KS Karamac GP-83 (Kingsire X EX Perfecter)
Sunny-Acres KS Karmel GP-83 (Kingsire X EX Dreamer)
Grand-View Tuxedo Damita EX-91 (Tuxedo X EX Dempsey)
Sunny-Acres KS Velour EX-90 (Kingsire X VG Dreamer)
Sunny-Acres Pentagone Josephine EX-90 (Pentagone X EX Burdette)
Sunny-Acres KS Kotton EX-92 (Kingsire X EX Burdette)
Sunny-Acres Perfecter Jezebel EX-90 (Perfecter X EX Burdette)

Sunny-Acres Perfecta Knockout EX-93 (Perfecta X EX Woodrow)
Sunny-Acres LL Katastrophe EX-91 2E (Lochinvar X EX Class Act)
Sunny-Acres LL Elegance EX-91 2E (Lochinvar X EX Reality)
Aged Cow:
Sunny-Acres Perfecter Krimson EX-93 2E @ 7-07 (Perfecter X EX Harmony)
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