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New Scores at Leaninghouse Holsteins

Leaninghouse Holsteins in New Mexico reports some impressive herd totals after classifying in January. The herd based in Dexter and Willard, NM added 2 new EX-94, 1 new EX-93, 28 new EX and 391 new VG!

Now at EX-94:
Leaninghouse KR 24770 – a King Royal that completes 12 generations of EX cows back to Diamond-S Eve Corry.
Leaninghouse Lgdry 23604 – by Legendary out of Farnear-TBR-BH Supersire Vickie EX-94, who now has 35 VG & EX daughters.

Now at EX-93:
Leaninghouse Delta 22104 – by Delta and out of Supersire Vickie EX-94

28 New EX cows:
7 new EX Jedi daughters, as well as new EX cows by House, Yolo, Pursuit, Argo, Copycat, Ferdinand, Tattoo and others.

391 New VG cows:
48 of the new Very Good cows are 2 year olds sired by Alphabet, Challenger, Copyright, Einstein, Fastball, Maestro, Positive Tahiti, Timberlake, Taos, Tropic to name a few.

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