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New Scores at Ack-Lee Registered Holsteins

Ack-Lee Registered Holsteins in East Libery, Ohio had a recent herd classification and report some outstanding new scores!

Md-Dun-Loafin Dbk Excite-ET EX-94 2E || Owned with Pat Conroy
Ack-Lee Dempsey Passion EX-94 3E || Owned with Pat Conroy & Peter Vail
Scenic View Artist Ansley EX-92 (4-Year-Old)
Ms Ack-Lee Dblack Klassy EX-91 (4-Year-Old)
Ack-Lee Jacoby Allana EX-91 (Sr 3-Year-Old)
Walnutlawn Silvio Sontana EX-91
Vandermade Conquest 9180 EX-90 (5-Year-Old)
McGarr-Farms Fuel Julie EX-90 (4-Year-Old) || Owned by Pat Conroy
NRMCGK Jrdy Arabella-Red-TW EX-90 92-MS (Sr 3-Year-Old) || Owned with Chris & Jennifer Hill
Kevetta Warrior Ladybug-Red EX-90 (Sr 3-Year-Old) || Owned with Aria Kristine Beard

New Excellents:
Glaustar Calif All Out-Red-ET EX-94 (Aged Cow) || Owned with Donald Simpson
Ren-Bow Corvette Lollipop EX-92 (5-Year-Old) || Owned by Ruth Bambauer
Ms Rocklan Crush Crystal EX-92 (5-Year-Old)

Loa-De-Mede Wh Chief Bonita-ET VG-88 (Sr 2-Year-Old)
Marfloacres Alligator Lena  VG-87 (Sr 2-Year-Old) || Owned with Jim Spreng & Plainfield Farm
North-Effect Wa Tatas-Red Summer VG-86 (Jr 2-Year-Old) || Owned with Tim & Sharyn Abbot & the Ayars Family
Glen-Paul Backflip Breeze VG-86 || Owned by Jay Ackley & Greg Cornish
Ms Ack-Lee Master Hannah VG-86 || Owned with Isiah & Megan Lawson
Rocky-Run Jor Alpine-Red-ET VG-85 || Owned by Hadley Olt & Hallie Griffiths & Kinnley Ackley
Ms Jordy Lullaby-Red VG-85 || Emma Jo Pattinson
Ms-Aol Tstorm Carla VG-85 || Owned by Rierdan Reyan
Ms Glamourview L Beyonce-ET VG-85 || Owned with Damon Bertke
Hodglynn Mirand Halo VG-85 || Owned by C. & H. Froelich, D. Morlock & E. Laney
Rocky-Run Alt Astoria-Red VG-85 || Owned by Hadley Olt, Hallie Griffiths & Kinnley Ackley
Green-Lo K Doc VG-85 || Owned by Jeffery Price
Ack-Lee Sidekick Katniss-ET VG-85
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