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Curtis Clark Achievement Award Nominations Sought for 2023

Nominations for the 2023 Curtis Clark Achievement Award are currently being sought. Presented at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, ON, the Curtis Clark Award goes to the Canadian dairy cattle exhibitor who possesses the ability, sportsmanship and character necessary to be respected by their fellow breeders and exhibitors. The award, established in 1988, is sponsored by the Alberta Holstein Branch.

To be eligible for the Curtis Clark Achievement Award, the nominee must be an “active” Canadian showperson, breeder or manager of any dairy cattle breed who is exhibiting animals at major shows in Canada. The person “must be present” at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair to accept the award. Nominees will be judged on their support of breed activities and ability to breed, manage, develop and exhibit dairy cattle. Selection of the winner is made by former recipients of the award. The 2023 winner will be announced during the Royal’s National Holstein Show set to take place on November 9th and 10th.

Nominations for the award must include a brief résumé on the nominee and be submitted by October 1st to the Curtis Clark Achievement Award Committee Secretary, Bonnie Cooper, 904 – 12 Rockford Road, North York, ON M2R 3A2, e-mail: [email protected], cell: 416-579-6572. Nominations previously submitted for the award need not be submitted again.

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