New Generation Genetics Updated Sire Catalog Now Available

New Generation Genetics Updated Sire Catalog Now Available

The New Generation Genetics Sire Catalog for April 2017 is now available online on Cowsmo!


View the April 2017 New Generation Genetics Sire Lineup HERE or by clicking the image below.


New-Generation-Genetics-LogoFORT ATKINSON, WIS. (December 9, 2016)—Following the release of the August 2016 genetic evaluations, bulls from New Generation Genetics proven and genomic bulls ranked at or near the top for Milk, Components, Type, Udder Composite, Mobility, Fertility, DPR, Productive Life, NM$, PPR, & Profit.

54BS509 Shiloh Brookings CADENCE ET *TM the former #1 G-PPR bull proved genomics correct as he added daughters and is the new #1 PPR proven bull and #1 for NM$. His first proof increased after doubling daughters at +1.2 type +0.99 Udder Composite 216 PPR +49f +.01% +44p +.02% +5.2 Productive Life +0.5 DPR 2.80 SCS $548 NM$ +1.4 SCR and great calving ease at 4.4%.

54BS482 Voelkers TD CARTER *TM  is once again the #1 proven type bull in the breed and continues to add new daughters. Carter’s type proof rose to +1.4 type, +1.32 UDC, +0.7 Mobility, +0.9 FU, +1.1 UD +1.7 RUW and +0.9 RUH. Carter’s production proof increased to +956m +23f +21p +1.4 Productive Life and 107 PPR. Carter is also available in Preferred Sex Semen.

54BS558 Hilltop Acres B DAREDEVIL *TM a top Genomic Gem is still the #1 G-Type & #2 G-Udder Comp. Daredevil’s type proof is +1.6 type +1.65 Udder Comp. He also is the #10 genomic bull for PPR with a production proof of 185 G-PPR +1319m +37f +36p +5.0 Productive Life and $484 NM$.

54BS516 Switzer Tals Brkngs DEWEY *TM graduates into the proven line up as the #3 PPR & #3 NM$ bull in the breed. He is a Brookings son from the famous “D” family at Switzer Tals Farm. His first proof is 192 PPR, +954m +56f +38p +4.2 Productive Life $514 NM$ and breed leading +2.9 DPR.

54BS517 Cozy Nook Driver TONKA *TM graduates also in the proven line up as the new #4 PPR bull and #4 NM$. Tonka is an outcross for all Vigor, Brookings and Wonderment bloodlines. His first proof is 185 PPR +972m +60f +.09% +37p +.02% +4.0 Productive Life +0.9 DPR +0.28 UDC and $475 NM$.

54BS567 Hills Valley R WATCHOUT ET *TM is a new CHAMPIONS COLLECTION bull as he is tied for #3 for G-Type and #5 for G-Udder Composite. Watchout is from a Supreme daughter of Frosted Sieg Wammy ET a 2x All American. Watchout’s genomic proof is  +1.3 type +1.32 UDC with traits of ++2.3 FU +1.3 RUH +2.5 UD and +0.6 UC. His genomic production proof is +268m +3.7 Productive Life and +0.7 DPR.

54BS509 CARTER is joined by 54BS509 CADENCE, 54BS438 BROOKINGS, 54BS486 TANBARK, 54BS513 JACKSON, 54BS544 DARIO, 54BS537 DUPONT and 54BS535 BRADY who are all available in Preferred Sex Ultra Semen.

New Generation Genetics offers the most comprehensive Brown Swiss Sires portfolio in the U.S. For further information call 920-568-0554, visit our facebook page, email [email protected] or visit

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