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New Generation Genetics: they just keep going up!

Moving Up… Goldwyn and Berretta!

54BS467 Goldwyn (Agenda X Ensign X Emory) improved 240 pounds of milk, rounding out a very balanced proof, with strong results for components, SCS, Productive Life and DPR.  His type proof confirms he makes moderate sized cows with very high quality udders.
Viking Valley Goldwyn Goldie







54BS466 Berretta (Vigor X Dalton X Even) also improved for milk and especially for components.  Like his sire, he excels for Productive Life, SCS and udders.  Backed by the prolific Even Bounce, we look forward to his development.

54BS468 St Nick (Vigor X Jolt X Absolute) graduate to the active list delivering extreme milk and protein with solid health traits.  He is also back with a unique pedigree, making him easy to use on many bloodlines.

Most pleasing is these results are very similar to expectations based on genomics from 2 years ago!

The Reliables….

54BS374 Vigor (President X Even X Preston) added 1300 daughters and remains the most reliable consistent bull in generations.  Fortunately, he remains healthy and producing.

54BS438 Brookings (Payoff X Denmark X Prophet) added 34 early 2nd crop bulls and maintained his production while retaining his elite type score.  See our web site soon for pictures of 4 of these early new daughters!

Double W Brookings Condor







54BS437 Torch (Beamer X Pronto X Gordon) also began adding 2nd crop bulls and maintains his elite components, udder composite and health traits.

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