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Holstein UK publish the latest evaluations for the UK Type proofs

With the advent of Genomics, the dynamics of progeny testing is changing as young bulls can be extensively sampled worldwide.

Based on initial genomic figures, semen is now distributed throughout the world for progeny testing. Foreign bulls such as Wabash-way Evolve, Crackholm Fever, Stantons Steady and R-E-W Seaver, who previously would have been predominately tested in one country, can simultaneously have early milking daughters all over the world. The result of this change in semen distribution and progeny testing means that many bulls will have UK daughters, which combined with their Genomic evaluation, provides enough reliability to appear on the UK proven lists. You will see this happen increasingly in the future and it has led to some exciting new entries this proof run.

Boss by name and boss by nature, Bassingthorpe Bossman maintains his top position in the UK proven list. A Goldwyn son out of a VG87 Stormatic, Bossman breeds daughters with great mammary systems and legs and feet. He proves to be very desirable with a Type Merit (TM) of +3.01 and milk production of +483kgs, both higher than his sire.

With only a few newcomers to the top 20 UK proven list, Wabash-Way Evolve is the highest ranking new entry at number four. This Bolton son out of a VG88 Shottle has 19 classified daughters in 32 herds with 78% reliability. He offers a high TM (+2.83) and his daughters combine superb production (+875kgs) with good Lifespan, Somatic Cell Count (SCC) and Calving Ease.

Hotting up the December list is a re-entry to the top 20 listing, Crackholm Fever at number 11. Descending from an EX92 3* Blitz out of a VG86 Mattie G, this Goldwyn son boasts a high Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £161 and an impressive SCC score of -21 with a reliability of 92%. His Fertility Index is high at +6.2, and the same can be said for his soaring Lifespan at an above-average score of +0.4.

Another re-entry, Stantons Steady comes in at number 12 as his 83 classified daughters give him a TM score of +2.46. A Mr Sam x VG85 Convincer, he produces animals that are tall, deep and dairy and his remarkable Direct Calving Ease score of +0.7 ties with Wabash-Way Evolve as the joint highest in the top 20. He is one of a select few sires in the top 20 available sexed.

R-E-W Seaver makes his debut at number 16 and the combination of his high Lifespan and low SCC makes him very attractive.

In an unusually static proof run, no other new bulls make their way into the top 20, but in a shuffle of posts, Curtismill Mr Sam jumps from third to second, putting Mr Atlees Altaamazing in third position. BB Toy Missile moves up from 11th to 8th place and also moving up three places into 9th position is Butlerarms Shogun *RC.

With very little change to the top 20 International sires, Italian-bred Toc-Farm Goldsun shines at number one. Taking pole position from Heavenly Golden Dreams, this Italian stallion has outstanding type composites, with a TM of +4.32, Mammary score of +3.42 and excellent Legs and Feet at +2.83. Goldsun has an impressive SCC of -20 and his daughters have wide rumps with fast milking speed.

Making his debut in position 11 is Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock. Building on Planet’s success as an international sire of sons, this Planet x EX90 Shottle boasts an exceptional PLI of £179 and with an index of +0.6, Shamrock acquires the best Lifespan score of the top 20 sires.

The highest climber in the top 20 is Heidenskipster Goldday. With help from his impressive PLI of £204 and his sky-high Fertility Index, Goldday shot up from position 34 to 17.

Holstein UK’s Business Development Executive, Lucy Andrews-Noden says: “It’s an exciting time for UK genetics and the latest proof run highlights how genomics is making an impact, with more international sires entering the UK proven listings at an early stage. It is fantastic to see two UK prefixes leading the way in the UK Proven charts with plenty more coming through.”


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